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Jazzcord Netlabel

We are proud to announce the official Jazzcord Netlabel, on which we hope to provide a centralised platform to share and distribute content from our members! The service is not monetised; however, donations are greatly appreciated. All proceeds will go to the upkeep of the website (it's pricier than you might think- see the 'donations' page for more info).

We are all very excited about this project and look forward to seeing where we can take it. If you would like to be featured on the Jazzcord Netlabel YouTube channel, please send your own original content to for consideration. Please also include video footage or a still image to accompany your content. Any accompanying media submitted for consideration must either belong to you or not be protected by copyright.

If at any stage we do decide to monetise the service, this will be done for the financial benefit of the artists who make this possible. Videos will never be monetised without consent and we promise to remain completely transparent at all times.

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