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Netlabel Release: Chloe Jackson-Reynolds | Solo Mood Improvisations, Summer 2021

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

The netlabel has a new release from our very own Chloe! You can watch it here:

Here are Chloe's notes on the album:

"I was inspired to make this album by the solo Alto Saxophone works of the great American Composer, Anthony Braxton. Certain albums in particular (“Alto Saxophone Improvisations 1979” and “For Alto”) were huge inspirations for this album. My playing was also strongly influenced by the great multi-woodwind player, Eric Dolphy. His phrasing has really had an impact on my flute playing in particular. The usage of extended techniques on the flute was really inspired by Rahsaan Roland Kirk. I have also been really influenced by the saxophonist Charlie Parker of course, as is every jazz musician of the past 70+ years. The process of making this album was I just recorded improvisations every day until I had around three hours of material recorded. I then went through that and picked the best material which is what you are hearing here. Some of the tracks had a few phrases pre-composed, and I expanded the 6 to 12 bars that I wrote into a full piece. This is different from the standard head in, solo over form, head out approach used in jazz, since I wasn’t following any chord progression, I was following melodies that I wrote. I really enjoy doing solo improvisations because they allow me to express myself in a way I cannot say using words or in any other way. This is where the title “Mood Improvisations” comes from, it’s improvisations that show my emotions and moods. While listening, try to think of what certain phrases and lines could symbolize. A few of the tracks have specific symbolisms for me, and I want you to try to find your own meanings to this music."

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