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Jazz Album Recommendations Master-list

Updated: May 7, 2021

Jazzcord invite link: Big Band

Bands that are big.

Cool Jazz

Reserved solos over structures which tend to be open to more harmonic interpretation. Notably developed on the west coast of North America.


Prioritises harmonic complexity, fast tempos, and virtuosic playing.

Hard Bop

Came after bebop. More effort put into composition, influenced by other popular music from the African diaspora at the time such as rhythm and blues. Existed and grew parallel to cool jazz.

Latin Jazz

Emphasising constant forward momentum with rhythmically identifiable patterns from Cuba, Brazil, and other Latin American countries.


Pre-bebop, with the basis of improvisation usually being the melody instead of the underlying chords.

  • Louis Armstrong's Hot Five and Hot Seven - Louis Armstrong Youtube / Spotify

  • Ragtime Jazz - Sidney Bechet Youtube / Spotify

  • The Port of Harlem Jazzmen (Complete Recordings) Spotify


A fusion of jazz and rock, featuring heavy experimentation with electronic instruments.


Ambiguously defined, somewhere between hard-bop and avant-garde jazz. Less structured than the former but not quite as limitless as the latter.

Free/Avant-garde Jazz

Nearly no harmonic structure. Completely free improvisation based on active musical communication between musicians. Can be a challenging listen.

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